In 1828 an ex-convict named Timothy Beard, who was known to be an innkeeper from Campbelltown, has a squattage called “Quinbean” (Aboriginal for clear waters) on the Molongolo River. Beard was credited with having the first settlement close to the present site of Queanbeyan, though his occupancy was illegal. The first Post Office was established in Crawford Street to service settlers in 1836 and in 1837 Captain Alured Tasker Faunce of the 4th (Kings Own) Regiment was appointed Police Magistrate.

Queanbeyan was officially proclaimed a township in 1838 with a population of approximately 50 people. Some of the significant historic buildings still standing date from those early years. Queanbeyan prospering as a primary producing area, was proclaimed a Municipality in February 1885 containing an area of 5,700 acres.

At the height of its rural prosperity Queanbeyan boasted 16 public houses and six flour mills powered by wind, steam, horse and water. By 1972 Queanbeyan had little difficulty in meeting the first basic requirement of city status; the population has risen to more than fifteen thousand and a future population of at least that number was assured. City status was granted on 7th July 1972.

Queanbeyan today is a thriving city with a population of 35,000.